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Beside the standard products for tested customer requirements we also offer comprehensive project-linked consultation services to provide our customers with an advance in the market and towards competitioners. This is for Protec a contractual confidential cooperation, when it comes to the area “Consumer-Security” with customer-specific requests, e.g. .if you want to work with DNA-substrates.


Such a contractual cooperation also enables new material- and device-technical developments in project work together with the producers in print industry.


As a result of this kind of cooperation the offered consumable plants and aggregates as well as those to be modified can be developed as OEM products.


This is in particular requested when the technology of a producer of printing systems and finishing plants requires an integrated coating technology, insofar that is principally possible.


New toners or inks do not exclude that adapted varnishes, primers or even security characteristics for example will be used in new combinations, und device technology and consumables become integral components of printing systems.


Technologies could be developed with are needed especially for finishing of (printed) sheets – before and after printing.

Then the transport technology connected to GP technology needed for this purpose may require the development of a new plant or requires modifications to existing aggregates.


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