Foil Stamping Flat


What is embossing?


Embossing (also called gauffing/goffing) is the embossing of the laminated paper product to achieve a certain surface structure. Gauffing is carried out on a calender, a machine with several heated steel rollers.


When gauffing one of the rollers is made of steel which is engraved, bears a pattern and is heated. The other roller is equipped with a smoother surface such as rubber or cloth.


In order to make the embossing durable, the steel roller is heated, and pursuant to the employed material pressed with more or less pressure against the rubber roller.


The product is led between the rollers and this way obtains a pattern respectively the structure of the engraved steel roller. Depending on the temperature and pressure varying results can be achieved.


Many possibilities are so provided, for example, with a brilliant foil (not embossed) a smooth and shining surface is obtained.


Please find further variations here:


  • the granulate material (napped , non-shiny surface)
  • mat foil (mat, non-shiny surface)
  • polylein foil (corrugated surface)


Colour pictures can be deepened by embossing, brilliancy of a quiet velvet character is generated.