Special Chemicals


Security Ink and Coatings:

We offer our customers a complete product range of inexpensive, high-secure print inks and coatings which may be used for company productions, available special coatings and print characteristics include the following: thermochromic, fluorescent, multiple compound features and watermarks.


Carbonless coatings and inks include:

CB coatings, CF coatings, CF liquids, coatings rendering insensitive; and self-copying paper (CB, CF), sales receipts, multi-piece forms, bank statement receipts and many more, full surface and point coating possibilities.


Inks and Overprint Varnish:

We offer a variety of user-own coatings which include transparency and amin-free flexo printing ink for the production of "special purpose" forms, covers, name tags, labels another documents.


Specialty Adhesives:

Our special adhesives can be used for the development and production of a multitude of name tags, forms and documents applying a large range of production possibilities. (e.g. Name tags made of textile material, delivery remarks, label forms, self/ one-sided mailer and warning labels).