Standard Register`s customer-specific "Imprint/ Overprint? Programs" were developed to offer to you, the customer, a high degree document security on demand. Check + Plus securebond papers are available in varying colours and formats. From multifold-set (self-copying set) to the application of individual sheet laser. These securebond papers include a number of security features which were designed to provide an extremely good protection against copying and changing.


  • Securebond safety papers
  • Custom "Check+Plus" artificial watermark in accordance with customer layout
  • Prismatic COPYBAN Capture pantograph
  • Microprinting
  • Laser Lock (if required)
  • Thermochromic ink (Thermochromic colours from orange to red)
  • Enhanced Laid Lines
  • Warning Bands
  • Signature Protection Panel
  • Postal Address Panel


Please note:

Imprint can only be done in one colour.

Bond papers and colours will be produced after predetermined consents and in limited, exactly defined number of pieces.


This program is conceived in a way that our sales representative can fax the order together with the draft directly to ISG-Phoenix or ISG-Tolland.


If possible, the customer should provide the ready layouts inc. colour separation.