Copyban Capture


With Copy Copyban Void Pantograph an improvement compared to the technology of SUPER SAFETY and COPYBAN+ was made. The system requires only small memory capacity when operated within the Image Capture System.


Competitive trade names:


Moore: SecureScanTM



When using in connection with additional safety features, e.g. artificial watermarks, for thermochromic printing and other non-copyable features/characteristics Copyban provides high excellent protection against reproduction.


Copyban Capture is more effective von colour copiers than Copyban+. While Copyban + has been licensed to competitions, knowledge in view of the skills to reliably work with Copyban Capture was kept as a company secret.


Quality characteristics:

Copyban Capture was tested being the most effective pantograph of the industry; however, it is not effective for all copying methods like all VOID pantographs.


Copyban Capture, as well as VOID pantograph and Copyban+ are not designed for protection against reproduction or manipulation on flat bed scanners.


Unique selling propositions:


Related SRC patents: 4.579.370 5.197.765 5.340.159


An exhaustive description of the design proposals and admitted PMS-colours can be found on our Standard Register Website.


Custom Step and Repeat Designs are available on the forms overview (form 4202).



Copyban Capture is ordered via Protec Service- und Betriebs- GmbH.


Suggested language for BID specification:

The document shall provide a significant protection against reproduction on colour copiers. The preferred method applies darker and light, shaded, varying colour dyes providing a massive protection over the entire range of copier adjustments. The word “VOID” or an equivalent warning will appear on a multitude of copying devices. Lighter shades should appear in areas provide for entering data to enable an easy legibility of information without affecting the copy protection.