Copyban pantographs impede inadmissible copying on colour copiers while providing a multi-colour, shaded monitor areas reacting to various computer adjustments.



On the document which would have passed otherwise as a passable coy, the word VOID appears in series.


Product quality characteristics:

Copyban pantographs vary in colour screen values. While thee variation enable Copyban to excel pantograph products of other competitioners, they are sometimes assessed by customers in a negative way, because they require a uniform or “flat tint” background. Newer Super Safety Pantographs offer this uniform background, however, they are insignificantly less efficient than Copyban*.



Copyban+ is less effective than Copyban Capture pantographs and not as efficient what concerns the compliance with requirements of Check21 image (images). Whenever possible Copyban Capture should be applied.



Unique selling proposition:


Related SRC patents: 4.579.370 5.197.765 5.340.159


Copyban+ Technology has been licensed to a large number of competitions in order to meet the requirements of several key account customers of varying branches.


An exhaustive description of the design proposals and admitted PLM-colours can be found on our Standard Register Website in the Engineering Technical Bulletin.


Custom Step and Repeat Designs are available on the forms overview (form 4202).



Copyban Capture is ordered via Protec Service- und Betriebs- GmbH.