Laser Lock ® is a clear transparent coating which is printed over delicate areas of documents to protect them against changes respectively modifications or counterfeits.

The coating primarily prevents the abrasion of laser printer toner and provides a significant safety characteristic towards untreated areas.



Image Lock®

Ion Lock®

Laser Lock®


Competitive trade names:

Secure Lock: Moore

TonergripTM: Boise



Some printer and paper combinations have a considerable problem in view of toner grip on the document and can be easily – with little expenditure and expert knowledge – changed or counterfeited.


By coating sensible areas in documents with Laser Lock or similar protection liquids (e.g. Tune Up of Protec Service and Vertriebs GmbH for whole surface protection, you coat and seal the print at the same time and impede manipulation.


Nowadays, most of the toners provide good grip qualities resulting in a lower or no improvement at all when previously a special coating has been put up.


Traditional whole surface coatings can even deteriorate quality features in a negative way (specific waviness).



Should a whole surface protection in the digital print area be requested, we recommend the worldwide new Tune UP of Protec Service und Vertriebs GmbH in combination with TRANSEO as coating aggregate.



  • Related SRC patents: 5.045.426
  • ION Lock® (is in particular designed for usage on ion deposition printers)
  • Laser Lock® is in particular designed of usage on laser printers



Ion deposition printer


An electro-photographic side-printer type, similar to a laser printer, however basing on a more sophisticated technology. These printers, mostly used in data processing centres with high data volumes, operate with speeds of 30 to 90 pages a minute. Likewise other electro-photographic printers the ion deposition printers utilize an electro-statically charged drum,. The charge is not generated by means of light – as for example for LED- and LCD-Printers – but through direct impact of an ion stream to the drum. To fix the toner on the paper ion deposition printers use a fast method not requiring any heat. However, this procedure leaves behind a minor smoothness, so that it cannot be uses for business correspondence. In addition, ion deposition printers tend to produce thick, slightly blurred signs. (compare laser printer, LCD-printer, LED-printer.