Transmark is "another" form or respectively type of watermark and provides your papers with an aesthetic effect beside the protection against counterfeiting.


Special customer-specific images, graphics or lettering are printed intensively transparent on the paper and have the effect of a watermark when hold against a light source.


Transmark provides a very good protection against copying and counterfeiting.

Transmark watermarks can be placed in registers on an individual component part.

Transmark ink is UV-resistant, preventing ink to fade over the course of time.



Transmark does not comply with the legal regulations which some countries require for the prescribed application of paper with watermarks.


  • Transmark cannot be used with coated paper of any type.
  • Transmark cannot be applied in combination paper treated with Security Shield Plus.
  • Neither with papers which is simultaneously treated with Laser Lock or Toner Bonding.
  • Except when it is applied on the other side, which then has to be UNCOATED.


Transmark is a good alternative to more expensive watermark papers, provides an aesthetic added value and results in a high counterfeiting security in particular in copying processes.