Tune Up


"Tune Up" is water-based emulsion of Protec Service- und Vertriebs GmbH especially developed for the coating aggregate PC7 – produced at Hunkeler AG, Swiss, today primarily for the web production.


It provides an enhanced quality and excellent finishing effects in and on the paper.


During production distinctive increase in productivity can be achieved.


The product’s approved paper features were evaluated and confirmed by PIRA, England.


Remarkably, the for the fully automated process line relevant friction coefficient (for static and dynamic friction) is here especially high and tightly tolerated.

Please remember: this activity value is crucial for future evaluation/ assessment comparisons of the product, quality and technology.

Certificates with attributed (quality) characteristics of Tune Up also for application are available by Protec Service und Vertriebs GmbH, Germany.


In addition, new functions required by customers can be added individually to the print document. Afterwards, Tune Up gets customized with additives to particular customer requests.


Tune Up provides:


  • Re-humidifying to optimal values
  • Prevention of static charge
  • Elimination of climatic influences
  • Binding of dust particles to 99% 
  • Speed up of production time, and productivity
    in the converting process 
  • Higher usage period for the installed investment
  • Quality increase for the finished product
  • Forgery-proof for Digital printed paper 

Tune UP Price-performance-ratio


  • 0.6 – 1.2gr/m² per page of web production
  • or 0.075 – 0.15 gr a DIN A4 sheet
  • 1 Litre Tune Up = 9,60 , mixed in a ratio 1 : 0.95 with water = approx. 1950 gr. emulsion
  • Sufficient for 812.5 m² coated paper

Calculation example:


  • 1 m² coated paper costs 1.182 Euro Cent
  • Result from 1 m²= 16.04 Sheets, DINA4, coated on two sides
  • 0.0737 Euro a DIN A4 sheet, or 0.0368 a DIN A4 sheet
  • 1000 sheets DIN A4= 7.37 Euro Cent or 0.737 Euro Cent


On Request you get detailed information any time.



Our product – your benefit:

  • Improved finished quality on highest level
  • Stability of product with longevity
  • Assurance in view of originality


This provides new product opportunities for the individual end customer and creates new business potentials.